Lions Club Turinge Short history

The year was 1970.

Editor Sam Knutsson, who had recently moved to Nykvarn, used the commuter train to get to his work in Stockholm. On the same train was Rune Högbom, who was a member of Lions Club Järna. Rune told Sam about Lions, and after some time the plans to start a Lions Club in Nykvarn had matured.


At a meeting, held in March, Rune Högbom informed about Lions and what Lions Club Järna was doing. Since only 11 persons attended this first meeting it was not possible to start a club of it's own. A second meeting was held and five more persons who were interested attended and this was the start of Lions Club Turinge.

The first officers elected where: President Stig Eriksson, Vice President Arne Sundberg and Secretary Sam Knutsson.  

Nobody really remembers why the first activity of the Club was to arrange a Flee Market, and none of the 16 men (yes, there was only men in the Club in those days) could foresee what this should leed to. A look in the mirror can only establish the fact that it was either pure luck or a very wise and foreseeing decision that was made. The second alternative is the most likely.

Choosing the last saturday in August for the Flee Market, the date for the old "Turinge Market" was a succes. How much  influence our meteorologist Arne Sundberg had on the choice of date is hard to tell.

But to find a date with better weather statistics is hard. During the 43 years passed we have only had two days of rain and 6 -7 days with a few splashes. The Flee Market 2013, added the second day of rain, but approximately 2 000 people came in spite of the rain.


 The Flee Market has become the backbone of the Club's activity, not only considering raised funds, 4 820 SEK in 1970 to 316 545 SEK in 2008.

It has also become the activity that has glued the members together and made Lions Club Turinge wellknown and accepted in the community.

Today the Club has 22 members, both women and men.