What are the activities of Lions Club Turinge?

Our largest activity, generating most of our funds, is the the yearly Flee Market the last saturday in August.


The fact that the Flee Market is held during one day in August does not meen that we lay back the rest of the year. No, next years Flee Market begins the following Monday.

We collect gifts for the Flee Market all year around in our collection barn, which is aproximately 900 square metres large. Working days with sorting, price marking and packing is scattered over the year.


During three weekends before Christmas we sell freshly felled Christmas trees, lottery tickets and a Christmas Flee Market. We thank all landowners and companies for sponsoring with Christmas trees and items for the lottery. The funds raised by this activity are shared by  the "Swedish Child Diabetes Fund" and some other child related help project.

In December we also manage to squeeze in our Christmas Dinner when we hand out our awards to two young people and two Youth Leaders for sports, cultural or social achievements.


On top of this we have our monthly club meetings, when we have a nice dinner prepared by the Lion members chosen for kitchen duty, different every month.

The dinner is followed by a presentation and a formal meeting, where we have the pleasant task to decide where to use our funds raised and to discuss new activities.



All costs for meetings and club administration is taken by the club members through membership fees.

All activities raised funds are used for help projects.

Result for the
Flee Market

215 530 SEK
21 815 EUR
23 670 USD